Secure and organize drug management patient journey between Hospitals and pharmacies

Hospiville combines hospital and city drug related patient data in a unique web platform implemented on the scale of a healthcare territory. It is aimed at pharmacists, doctors and IDEs to improve medication tracking and management from a patient standpoint.

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MaPUI provides pharmacists hospitals with a web platform for a collaborative inter hospitals medicine management system

MaPUI provides pharmacists hospitals with a web plaMaPUI's web platform targeted at pharmacists hospitals is based on both shortage and priority classified medicines tracking, loan, exchange and collaborative modules. Aim is to optimize inter hospitals collaboration around drugs in tension

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Communicate to reduce tensions !

The Hospistock digital platform allows pharmaceutical laboratories, coordinators of groupings / purchasing centers and PUIs to manage and communicate in real time on their tensions and stock shortages.

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MaPUI LABS is involved in different projects in France to improve health and medicines data management system

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