Drug shortages communication webplatform

The Hospistock digital platform allows pharmaceutical laboratories, group coordinators / purchasing centers and hospital pharmacy to manage and communicate in real time on their medicines shortages.

Hospistock purposes

For the pharmaceutical laboratory:
1) Speed up the dissemination of information through publication and updates in real time.
2) Offer an additional service to its PUI customers
3) Access the selection of alternatives by PUIs and anticipate the risks of purchasing on account.

For the group coordinator / purchasing center:
1) Import your markets and synchronize your data with published information and automatically filter the information that concerns you.
2) Suggest therapeutic alternatives and add offers of prices for your members.
3) Offer an additional service to your PUI members.

For the PUI:
1) Import your booklet and synchronize your data with the published information and automatically filter the information that concerns you.
2) Add or select an alternative from the purchasing group or the manufacturer.
3) Access indicators for controlled risk management.



Hospistock features

Tripartite platform that connects laboratories, purchasing groups and PUIs around a standardized data format.

Expert platform developed in collaboration with a committee of experts and representatives of each party (5 public purchasing groups, 1 group of private hospitalization, 4 pharmaceutical laboratories).

National platform with more than 2,500 active establishment accounts spread across France (private, public, clinics, CH, CHU, etc.).

Centralization / Structuring
All the shortages of stock grouped together on a single platform accessible by all the actors concerned and promoting data structuring.

Personalized information on purchasing group markets and PUI therapeutic booklets.

Alternative proposals
Suggested therapeutic alternatives for an optimized risk management plan.

Filters, sorting, searches
Filtering, sorting and advanced search functions by type of information.

Post category
Categorization of information (tension, rupture, short expiration, stop marketing, quotas).

Developed by manufacturers and hospital pharmacists faced with shortages of stock in their daily life. Adapted to the practices and uses of the pharmaceutical and hospital world.