Hospiville selected as the web solution for OCTAVE’s project

The aim of the OCTAVE’s project is to develop a coordinated organization in the French territory in order to upstream and downstream a patient’s hospitalization journey and prevent errors and adverse drug reactions in the elderly. This project would be based on HospiVille’s web based digital platform.

● Duration 3 years

● Project Holders :  URPS Bretagne et Pays de Loire

● Scope of the Experimentation :  10 000 patients

● Geographical scope of the Experimentation : Bretagne and Pays de Loire

12 Health Institutes including 2 University Hospital Center, 1 military hospital, 2 clinics, 7 hospital centers involved in the experimental project

Partners, URPS Doctors of Brittany, UPRS Nurses of Pays de la Loire, UPRS Chiropractors of Bretagne and Pays de Loire,