Digital platform for producing and transferring medication assessments for coordinating the medication care of patients in their city-hospital-city care pathways.


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Visualization of pathways by the patient's healthcare professionals

Administration & management of patient pathways by the coordination team

Patient file

Patient interview

Optimized drug balance

Reconciliation of drug treatments

Taking plan/dosage of prescribed medications

Patient Transfers

City/Hospital exchange module

Hospilote: Artificial intelligence module designed by MaPUI Labs for recognition of prescriptions and transcription in FHIR format.

Analysis / Security: Launch of VIDAL Security from BMO & conciliation


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The strong points

Patient medication administration record combines administrative, medicinal and pathophysiological information of the patient.

Medication individual assessment is collecting all the necessary data for medical reconciliation.

Medical treatment reconciliation’s objective is to point out discrepancies between medication individual assessment and medical prescription.

The drug intake plan implements a treatment administration plan with regard to the patient's Hospital discharge prescription.

Communication tools include a full document database featuring as well sharing options between health care professionals.

Statistics give an overview of the clinical pharmacy’s activity.