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The HospiVille medication conciliation web platform has first been implemented in 2016. HospiVille results of a team work involving two university hospitals. HospiVille’s app is improving drug management patient tracking system between pharmacy and Hospital.

Hospiville's web app

Reduce drug iatrogenism

Connecting pharmacists between Hospitals

Improve patients understanding of their medical treatment



Hospiville modules

Patient medication administration record combines administrative, medicinal and pathophysiological information of the patient.

Medication individual assessment is collecting all the necessary data for medical reconciliation.

Medical treatment reconciliation’s objective is to point out discrepancies between medication individual assessment and medical prescription.

The drug intake plan implements a treatment administration plan with regard to the patient's Hospital discharge prescription.

Communication tools include a full document database featuring as well sharing options between health care professionals.

Statistics give an overview of the clinical pharmacy’s activity.